Tuesday, June 1, 2010

i actually love yellow nw XD

it has been a super tiring days and i can see more tiring days ahead of me, but despite all those contradicting statements, and the fact that i actually miss home =P, i actually love it here =D... Its super fun!!!!!!!!!!! i can never deny that its damn fun here,new frends, out flowing sense of freedom =P all u can have cute girls buffet (now that only for dem cute guys) but atleast u get 2 "wash eyes" abit XD... so actually its not that bad =P... i mite make it through here XD... The food still sucks big time though -.-!!! btw i had so much fun =P.. will blog on em thing we did later!!!!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hellow mmu, hell no yellow!!!!

okay... 1st day of ma uni life..(and 1st day of bloggin =P) not exactly and exiting wan -.-!!! sadly it may seem... my 1st day is rather pathetic -.-!!! it was a staggering 2 hours drive... -.-.. my dad nearly knocked down some motorcyclist... and it went on worst with the heavy rain!!! it was darn heavy that i couldnt go out for lunch and apparently i was starving... and then we ran in the rain, managed to reach the car in one piece... wet but yet in one piece... and the it went on with getting my room =D... i was lookin forward for that.. but more disapointment... i was given a temporary room... -.-.. which was actually a female apartment, and things got worst when the food sucked big time!!!!!!!!! Gosh!!!!!!!!! it was pure crap food T.T..... then some how or rather,maybe cause i was hungry =P.. i managed to eat up the food... then i went and unpack and got my self ready for some 'exiting' afternoon "FRESHIES PROGRAM".. wow =) it was raining cats and dogs like 15 min's ago.. and the rain miracleously stops and the sun starts burning our heads... =) and walla we were having sizzling fresh freashies for dinner -.-!!! and then =) there was sum lame speech =P.. its not like i was listening XD.. Owh yeah we got assigned to groups.. and yayeeeee!!!!!! i was in the yellow group 5... *i hate yellow for the info* -.-.... then the day went along =)... we were in some hall... having sum introduction to the orientation... and we were introduced to a shoutout of the yellow group.. if the group leaders say hello!! we say yellow!!!!!!!! it was a fun session actually =).. the group leader were exited =P.. and they did get us puffed up =P... well that was pretty much my day.. =P we shall see what happens in nite =P!!! Peace and Serenity =P